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The Siviour BAM Project in South Australia

Renascor is developing a vertically integrated Battery Anode Material Manufacturing (BAM) Project in South Australia. The Siviour BAM Project comprises:

  • the Siviour Graphite Deposit – located near Arno Bay on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Siviour is the world’s second largest Proven Reserve of Graphite and the largest Graphite Reserve outside of Africa;

  • the Siviour Graphite Mine and Concentrator – Siviour will be developed via a conventional open-pit mine and crush, grind, float processing circuit and is expected to deliver world-class operating costs, in large part due to the favourable geology and flat lying geometry of the deposit; and

  • a Battery Anode Material Production Facility – located in Bolivar, where Siviour graphite concentrate will be converted into Purified Spherical Graphite (PSG) using an eco-friendly processing method before being exported to lithium-ion battery anode manufacturers.

Location map of the Siviour BAM project in South Australia

Figure 1:  Siviour BAM Project location map

Renascor's vertically intergrated project showing the process from mine to concentrates to PSG production to shipping

Figure 2: How the Siviour BAM Project fits into the Battery manufacturing cycle.

Fly over image of the mine site located at Arno Bay showing the vast flat land of the graphite resource

Figure 3: Mine site located in Arno Bay, South Australia.

Rendered image of the proposed PSG facility in Bolivar

Figure 4: Rendered image of the proposed PSG facility in Bolivar, South Australia.

Renascor’s Competitive Advantages:

Renascor intends to leverage its competitive advantages to develop a vertically integrated operation to manufacture high value PSG from a low-cost graphite concentrate feedstock and provide a secure cost-competitive supply of battery anode raw material into the rapidly growing lithium-ion battery market.  These include:

  • Vertically integrated operation to produce PSG located wholly within South Australia.

  • World’s 2nd largest Proven Graphite Reserve and largest Graphite Reserve outside of Africa.

  • Favourable geology, allowing manufacturing of PSG at costs that are competitive with current Chinese production and advantaged over developments outside of China.

  • Proven, eco-friendly HF-free purification process endorsed by leading global anode companies.

  • Tier-1 jurisdiction with low sovereign risk and access to established infrastructure.


Project Status:

  • Non-binding offtake agreements with leading global anode companies, including POSCO (South Korea), Zeto and Minguang New Material (China), Hanwa Corporation (Japan) covering up to 60,000tpa of PSG (+200% of Stage 1 production rate).

  • The Siviour BAM Project has been granted Major Project Status by the Federal Government.

  • Conditional approval received for an AU$185 million Loan Facility from Export Finance Australia via the Federal Governments AU$2 billion Critical Minerals Facility.

  • Mining approvals received through the granting of a Mining Lease (ML) in April 2019 and the Program for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation (PEPR) approved in November 2022.

  • Renascor has commenced detailed design, procurement and long lead infrastructure works to minimise the construction period for the planned mining and processing operation.

Renascor Resources Limited is a proud member of the European Battery Alliance and European Raw Materials Alliance.

Renascor Resources are proud members of the European Battery Alliance and European Raw Materials Alliance










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